Squeak Neo1973

Tony Garnock-Jones reports that
he has succeeded in getting Squeak running on the new FIC Neo1973
open-source GSM cellphone, which runs OpenMoko, based on OpenEmbedded.

He used Squeak VM version 3.9, running a stripped 2.8 image (though he has also had a 3.9 image running), and is now looking at accessing the phone’s hardware, including GSM modem, GPS, Bluetooth, touchscreen, audio, battery and auxiliary buttons.

To manage user interaction, he’s looking at using Faure to construct a stylus- or
finger-driven UI.

Tony is working with the OpenMoko team to get the necessary changes integrated into the main code-base, making this an easier exercise for other developers to follow. He’s also looking at getting Spoon running on the phone.

Keep an eye on the LShift blog for progress reports.

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See Craig’s Spoon update, inforamtion on Sophie and more!

Craig Latta posted a new progress report on his Spoon project, which aims to create a minimal live system based on Squeak.
Craig announces that in his quest for getting a really minimal system, he managed to remove the SystemDictionary class, a class that plays a fundamental role in a standard Squeak (and Smalltalk system).