Nicolas Petton recently announced on the squeak-dev mailing list the first public release of Iliad, which is succintly described on the Iliad website as a “a flexible, lightweight but powerful Smalltalk web framework.” Originally developed on GNU Smalltalk, but ported to Squeak/Pharo, Iliad features:

  • standalone stateful widgets
  • nice urls with a simple routing system
  • simple API
  • easy to setup and deploy (no complicated configuration step)
  • javascript layer to update widgets using AJAX. If javascript is not enabled, the behaviour remains the same by making normal requests
  • support for the Magritte meta-description framework, for simple generation of views on data

Iliad combines elements of the other leading Smalltalk web frameworks Seaside, Aida/Web and HttpView2. You can find out more about the installation and use of Iliad by reading the documentation on the Iliad site, and on the GNU Smalltalk site.

Ramon Leon’s blog, always a great resource for tips on Squeak and Seaside, has a nice post on how to build a simple file-based wiki using Seaside built with only one class and 98 lines of code. It’s intended as a learning tool, so it doesn’t make use of other useful resources such as Magritte or Magma (or even Ramon’s own version of ActiveRecord for Smalltalk). Indeed, if you’re interested in building a production-strength wiki, then as Ramon points out, you should investigate Lukas Renggli’s work on Pier.


Ramon Leon reciently posted his ActiveRecord code for Seaside.

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Ramon Leon shows How to Build a Blog in 15 Minutes with Seaside in this screencast. Everything is filmed straight from squeak and the web browser. No cuts , and (unfortunately) no audio. He starts from scratch and finishes with a blog tool that shows entries and comments. Magritte is used to make the input forms of posts and comments, and for checking things like that a post’s title is not empty, and that the title of a new post is not yet used by a previous post.

About 10 minutes into the show you see how an error is fixed in the living application. From the web page, he brings up the debugger in Squeak and notices that the post’s list of comments is not yet initialized. So he fixes that and just reloads the web page.

There are more videos about Seaside at Seaside Videos.

Thank you Matthias for the post.