Free Smalltalk books

10 April, 2008

St├ęphane Ducasse maintains a great list of free Smalltalk books including online pdfs of many out-of-print books.

These books span over twenty years of Smalltalk development, and includes great resources such as Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation (the “Blue Book”), Smalltalk with Style(pdf), and more recent classics such as Squeak by Example (written by St├ęphane Ducasse along with Andrew P. Black, Oscar Nierstrasz and Damien Pollet).

This is a great resource that is of use to beginners and to more experienced programmers wanting to understand more of the philosophy and design decisions behind Smalltalk and Squeak.

Links and reviews of many other (non-free!) books can be found at the Squeak wiki, John M McIntosh’s site, and Squeakland has a reading list prepared by Alan Kay for those who want to learn more about the ideas and philosophies that influenced the creation of Squeak.

If you know of other books and online resources that should be listed here, please let us know!

[Please note the URL has been updated to address David’s comment below. The original URL was an older page with fewer books available.]