The Smalltalk Industry Council’s annual Smalltalk Solutions conference is coming up on 18-21 June 2008 in Reno, Nevada. Smalltalk Solutions brings together Smalltalk users, developers, and enthusiasts as well as those interested in the latest Smalltalk technology.

This year’s agenda has a host of fascinating topics and speakers lined up, with keynote presentations from Gilad Bracha comparing Newspeak with Smalltalk, Randal Schwartz reviewing persistence solutions for Seaside, and David Simmons from Microsoft on dynamic languages and secure cloud systems.

Other topics include Sophie, uses of Smalltalk in industry, running Seaside on Gemstone/S, an introduction to Aida/Scribo CMS, as well as overviews of many new tools and packages.

It looks like a packed agenda, but no doubt there also will be ample time to get to meet other Smalltalkers, put faces to names, and catch up on the newest developments in the Smalltalk world.