Esug 2006 Conference Fast Track

5 September, 2006

For the first time at the ESUG Conferences, there was a Fast Track, which included many short presentations. Anyone with something interesting to show could ask for a slot, even at the last moment.

This year there were five presenters. The first one was the Bob Nemec, Executive Director of STIC (Smalltalk Industry Council), who provided the latest news: three websites (Smalltalk Central, the STIC home site and the newSmalltalk Solutions. Bob also announced the new Smalltalk logo [ | ] (opening bracket, vertical bar, closing bracket).
After Bob, Frederic Pluquet from Belgian university ULB introduced Object History, a system for storing and querying each successive state of an object.
Karsten Kusche and Damien Cassou then showed their Dakar Testing tool, an extension to VisualWorks’ browser and test runner which makes it easier to create SUnit tests for your classes.

Alexandre Bergel talked about Realtalk, a dedicated language to control wireless sensor, based upon Smalltalk.

The last presentation was from Stefaan Denolf from the Dutch company MediaGeniX NG. This is an all-Smalltalk company which produces a software system from managing broadcasts and TV/Radio schedules. Their software, written in VisualWorks, is based upon a Supermodel framework which allows to model uniformly many different subsystems (UI, storage, etc.)

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