Michael Rueger, Grit Schuster – Plopp and Sophie

5 September, 2006

Michael and Grit from Impara delivered a presentation on how to build end-user oriented application using Squeak. They went into the design principles and the issues that they had to solve in order to build two applications: Plopp, a 3D drawing tool for children, and the Sophie multi-media authoring tool.
Each tool was also demoed live in front of the audience, after having been showed during last night’s Innovation Awards presentations.

2 Responses to “Michael Rueger, Grit Schuster – Plopp and Sophie”

  1. Milan Zimmermann Says:

    Sounds like several significant real-world applications built on top of Squeak are presented, that is excellent.

  2. […] This year’s awards saw 9 contestants and 62 voters. The competition was fierce, and the three winners were: Plopp, by Impara Mondrian, by Tudor Girba and Michael Meyer SqSquare, by Kazuki Minamitani, Masashi Umezawa […]

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