Lukas Renggli – Web 2.0 for Seaside

9 September, 2006

Right after lunch on Thursday afternoon, Lukas Renggli delivered a tasty presentation on how to integrate “Web 2.0” techniques into your Seaside application using the Prototype and libraries, which allow you web application to have nifty features like drag’n’drop, entry field autocompletion etc. is very well integrated into Seaside, to the point that the user doesn’t need to write even a single line of JavaScript code by hand.

One Response to “Lukas Renggli – Web 2.0 for Seaside”

  1. Dan Winkler Says:

    Looks like Seaside won’t install in the new 3.9 image. Trying to load the “Seaside Installer” package leads to an error.

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