Profiling Squeak

30 September, 2006

Andreas Raab has sent on the Croquet mailing list a short tutorial on how to use the MessageTally tool to measure the performance of your application or part of it. A little part of Andreas’ advices are related to the modifications introduced in the Croquet version of MessageTally, but most of the article may be used in a standard Squeak image too.

Thanks to James Robertson for pointing to this article.

2 Responses to “Profiling Squeak”

  1. […] Q: Can I use MessageTally to profile Exupery and compare against interpreted code? Not at the moment. The problem is compiled code does not check for interrupts so MessageTally will never see it.To compare use Time millisecondsToRun: […]. […]

  2. […] Together with Andreas Raab’s MessageTally tutorial, this example is a good guide on how to profile and optimize an algorithm written in Smalltalk Posted by gcorriga Filed in Uncategorized […]

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