New Releases in the Squeak world

8 October, 2006

In the past week some interesting announcements appeared on the Squeak-dev mailing list:

  • Pavel Krivanek announced support for the Monticello version control system in his KernelImage system. While this version of Monticello lacks some of the options (some tools are missing, and support for some repositories such as SMTP and SuperSwiki has been removed), it’s nonetheless working.
  • Masashi Umezawa released FileMan, a library for manipulating files and directories in an extremely simple way.
  • Karl Ramberg ported the Scamper web browser to the upcoming Squeak 3.9.

Meanwhile, on the Seaside mailing list, Andrea Brühlmann announced Albatross, a Seaside scenario testing framework. This tool lets you write SUnit tests that run a Seaside component in an external web browser and simulate user interactions. It provides access to the running and rendered component and at the same time to the model of your application.

And finally, on the Smallwiki/Pier mailing list, Keith Hodges announce a torrent of new releases: a specialized Pier Control Panel, a Magma-based persistancy system for Pier, and a premade image that includes Seaside, Magma and Pier.

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