Process Woes

16 October, 2006

Since the beginning of the month there’s been a recurring theme on the squeak-dev mailing list regarding Squeak’s development process.
The discussions started with a message from Goran Krampe about the evolution of Squeak’s development process and how to have a more community-oriented process. Many squeakers replied to this message; this response from Ken Causey is just one of the many.
More recently, Stephane Ducasse published a possible feature roadmap for Squeak 3.10/4.0 (with comments by Andreas Raab), while Giovanni Corriga sent a proposal for a 3.10 developement process.

One Response to “Process Woes”

  1. Gal Zsolt Says:

    CalmoSoft would like to join to this group if we can help in anything.

    CalmoSoft Home Site:

    CalmoSoft Blog:

    CalmoSoft Work in OpenCroquet:

    — Gal Zsolt ( CalmoSoft)

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