8 November, 2006

Check out Scratch!

Scratch is a new programming language that lets you create your own animations, games, and interactive art.  Scratch will be available for public release later this year.

The Scratch project has released the first beta version for public download.  Scratch is based on Squeak, although there is apparently no way to reach through to the Smalltalk / Squeak core of it.To learn more, have a look at at the Getting started Guide

Scratch is being developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten research group at the MIT Media Lab, in collaboration with KIDS research group at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.

Thanks Matthias for submitting this article!

2 Responses to “Scratch!”

  1. axleman1011 Says:

    um i use scratch alot! but you have to help me i went to the home page and every thing was gone!!! does this happen for you 2? p.s. it worked fine this morning!

  2. Michael Davies Says:

    Hi Axleman,
    I don’t know what the problem was, but is fine right now. Good luck with Scratch!

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