15 December, 2006

The VM group reciently had a discussion about a proposal to add Callback support to Squeak. It appears that some people have missed the discussion. Speaking as one that was Squeaking without Callback support I would encourage the VM group to carefully review Andreas proposal and I’m looking forward to seeing this very much needed feature on our future VM’s.

– Ron Teitelbaum

2 Responses to “CallBacks!”

  1. Kel Says:

    Newbie question – What value will callbacks provide to Squeak? Does this allow the magicians to do more magic, make it easier to implement squeak VMs or help in some way with strongtalk?


  2. Aaron Says:

    Callbacks are useful for interfacing with external libraries. Sometimes, Squeak needs to use an external module and that module needs to execute some Squeak code in response (a callback). For example, if your Squeak application uses wxWidgets to create the GUI, you might create a button (Squeak calling out to the wxWidgets library) that will execute a block of Squeak code when clicked (wxWidgets calling back to Squeak).

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