11 January, 2007

Mouse Phone




How do you get the mouse to talk?
Davide Varvello recently
success using
Skype Voip with Squeak.





Hi All!
I’m playing with Squeak and Skype APIs for personal goals, I’m not a COM/.Net guru, I don’t know almost anything of the Microsoft world, but following John Pierce’s instructions here: and here: I was able to make talk Squeak and Skype.
First of all you should download the latest version of Skype4COM , unzip it and use the tlbimp utility on Skype4COM.dll to create a .Net wrapper (SKYPE4COMLib.dll) move it in the Squeak directory for ease of use.

Now launch Skype and Squeak, open a workspace and paste this:

DotNet Assembly loadFrom: ‘SKYPE4COMLib.dll’.
skype := DotNet SkypeClass new.
skype placeCall:’echo123′.

to place a call on the skype testing user.

If you have skype credit, you can also try this:
skype sendSms:’0123456789′ with:’Squeak rocks!!’.

Have fun 😉


4 Responses to “MousePhone”

  1. mathk Says:


    it seem that SqueakDotNet require the 1.1 .NET Framework.
    Do someone know something about this?

  2. Hi Mathk,

    I did see on the tutorial for SqueakDotNet that it says it requires 1.1 .Net. Here is a link for 1.1 .Net . I do not know if SqueakDotNet supports 2.0. If it does could you come back and let us know?


  3. mathk Says:

    Yes it seem to me that it don’t support 2.0

  4. Hi – I’m one of the authors of the Squeak/.NET bridge. Ron Teitelbaum contacted me to ask what my plans were regarding .NET 2.0.

    I didn’t have any particular plans, but I would be happy to look into supporting .NET 2.0 with the bridge. However, I don’t think I can look at it for a while, as I have some other things going on right now.

    mathk, would you send me a mail to let me know what happens when you try the bridge with 2.0? My contact information is on the SqueakDotNet page. Thanks!

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