Squeak – for a different Summer of Code!

16 March, 2007


Squeak is an open source dialect of Smalltalk, a pure OO programming language that takes objectorientation principles to their limits.

Development in Squeak will be quite different from what you may experience in Java, C#, Ruby or Python, yet it will be very fulfilling.

So, why not Squeak

for the Summer of Code?

will offer you:
productive environment to develop your ideas
a great community – a first class mentoring program

appreciation and value for your work

project areas include:
Virtual Machine – Compiler
User Interface – OS Integration
Development and End-user Tools
The Seaside Web Framework
and many more!

Squeak – for a different Summer of Code!

Contact us:
email soc@lists.squeakfoundation.org
web http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/SummerOfCode
IRC #squeak on Freenode.org

Google Summer of Code program

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  1. […] Weekly Squeak) Grace à l’aide Giovanni Corriga, Squeak a été accepté par Google comme organisation […]

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