From the Press Room: Squeak Badge Fund Raiser Campaign

6 April, 2007

Squeak community to raise money with Silver and Gold Squeak Pledge Badges

Bern, Switzerland – 2 April, 2007. Bryce Kampjes is the first official recipient of the new Gold-level Squeak supporter badge. As part of the Squeak Foundation’s new badge fund raiser, Mr. Kampjes stepped forward to support the growth of the Squeak community ( Silver-level donations begin at $US 10 and Gold-level donations begin at $US 50. The badges will be available at the Squeak booth (Booth #627) at the Smalltalk Solutions show April through 2, May in Toronto, Ontario. The booth will demonstrate Squeak and a variety of Squeak products such as Seaside, eToys, and Morphic. More information about the Squeak Foundation and how to purchase badges can be found at

About Squeak: Squeak is a modern, open source full-featured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment and the vehicle for a wide range of projects from multimedia applications, educational platforms to commercial web application development. Squeak has attracted many of the best and most experienced Smalltalk programmers and implementers in the world. Learn more about Squeak at:

Media Contact:
William Harford
(416) 907-1078

Squeak Press Room reference:

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