Squeak By Example now published!

14 September, 2007

Squeak By ExampleFollowing Stéphane Ducasse’s announcement last week, the finishing touches were applied at a blistering pace, and Squeak By Example has now been published! You can order the book in hardcopy from print-on-demand specialists lulu.com. There is also an accompanying website http://SqueakByExample.org, where you can download the book as a PDF.

The book is intended as an introduction and tutorial for both students and developers, and will guide readers gently through the language and tools by means of a series of examples and exercises. The book helps you get started with A Quick Tour of Squeak and guides you through A First Application.

The Smalltalk language is introduced in three chapters on Syntax in a Nutshell, Understanding Message Syntax and The Smalltalk Object Model. Development with Squeak is covered in The Squeak Programming Environment and SUnit. Several of the key classes are presented in chapters on Basic Classes, Collections, Streams and Morphic.

The book concludes with chapters on Classes and Metaclasses and Frequently Asked Questions.

Congratulations to co-authors Oscar Nierstrasz, Stéphane Ducasse, Damien Pollet, Andrew P. Black, Damien Cassou and Marcus Denker for producing such a great resource for new Squeakers!

4 Responses to “Squeak By Example now published!”

  1. The french Squeak community is already working on a french translation : http://doesnotunderstand.free.fr/?p=400

  2. Phil Allen Says:

    Though I have ordered a printed copy, I downloaded the PDF to get a headstart on learning Squeak.
    I have wanted to learn Squeak for a while, and at last here is the book I’ve longed for.
    Well done, guys. Brilliant, I am finally beginning to start to understand.
    Thanks for a great effort.


  3. Ted Says:

    I’ve read this book cover to cover and even though I’ve been involved in Smalltalk for quite a while, I’ve never really grown to like Squeak. That is, until I read this book (together with Squeak 3.10). This book really made me fall in love with Squeak! I don’t want to use anything else anymore.

  4. Kimberlee Says:

    A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.,

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