Tangible User Interface for Squeak

5 October, 2007

Reactable in action

Simon Holland yesterday announced on the squeak-dev list the release of a Squeak client for TUIO under the MIT licence. TUIO allows the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces (TUI) and multi-touch interactive surfaces.

TUIO uses the reacTIVision computer vision system to track physical objects in real time. This system is also used in reactable – the electronic music interface used by Björk in her current world tour.

The Squeak package includes the Tuio client and demonstration application program. To make practical use of Tuio for Squeak you will need a webcam or other camera, and should download the free Reactivision application for your operating system.

(Image shows reactable in action from http://mtg.upf.edu/reactable )

2 Responses to “Tangible User Interface for Squeak”

  1. In fact, TUIO is a protocol for tangible user interface. Simon write a Squeak client for TUIO.

  2. Michael Davies Says:

    Thanks Serge, I’ve corrected the article

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