Preview of new Seaside Visual Interface Builder

16 October, 2007

Seaside Builder preview

Hernán Morales and his colleagues have been working for a while on an interface builder tool to generate Seaside components (pages) dynamically, and they have just released a video showing their work so far. The ideas are based on a visual programming tool for Windows called WindowBuilder Pro.

The tool, called Seaside Builder, has support for most common web controls (TextField, Panel, RadioButton, TextArea, Label, Button, Anchor, CheckBoxGroup, RadioButtonGroup, ListBox, FieldSet).

See the video (19 MB) at:

(Image from Torsten Bergmann’s blog)

2 Responses to “Preview of new Seaside Visual Interface Builder”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Could you tell me what software you used to view the video, I’ve tried MS-Media Player and VLC and I get nothing from MSMP and intermittent video only from VLC.

  2. Michael Davies Says:


    Hernán says that it was encoded using “Microsoft Video 1” codec, and that he’s checked it using Crystal Player and the latest Windows Media Player without problems.

    Hope this helps,

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