Squeak BOF at OOPSLA – highlights + videos

24 October, 2007


Alexandre Bergel and Göran Krampe reported on the mailing-list (1, 2) the highlights of the Squeak BOF session at OOPSLA 2007 on Monday:

  • Jamie Douglass discussed CAT, an alternative to SmaCC
  • Andrew P. Black showed “Squeak by Example” (and sold a few more copies!)
  • Alessandro Warth showed how to implement a JavaScript interpreter in 300 lines of code by using OMeta (SqueakMap page, paper[pdf] co-authored with Ian Piumarta)
  • Göran gave a presentation on DeltaStreams
  • Maurice Rabb talked about condensing the change and sources files of Squeak
  • Alexandre Bergel introduced Athena Smalltalk – a Smalltalk Virtual Machine in Java, and intended to be embedded in Java applications (project homepage)
  • Bert Freudenberg and Yoshiki Ohshima demonstrated eToys on the OLPC XO laptop

Göran filmed the event, and has made the videos available at his blog.

Alexander Lazarevič is making compressed versions available through an online player:

One Response to “Squeak BOF at OOPSLA – highlights + videos”

  1. gcorriga Says:

    Nicholas Chen published his report on his own blog.

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