Subversion integration for Squeak

16 September, 2008

Michael Perscheid and his colleagues in the Software Architecture Group of the Hasso-Plattner-Institut have just announced the release of SqueakSVN, a tool to give Squeak access to the version control capabilities offered by Subversion, the open-source revision control system. This will allow Squeak developers take advantage of the benefits of Subversion’s growing popularity and support, while remaining within the Squeak browser environment.

SqueakSVN supports repositories using the http, file and svn protocols, but there is currently no support for https. There are more details at the SqueakSVN project home page, including a video of SqueakSVN in use.

The new package was developed in co-operation with CollabNet, the primary corporate sponsor of Subversion.

2 Responses to “Subversion integration for Squeak”

  1. chaetal Says:

    Why is SVN better then Monticello (or, say, Store)?

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