Building user interfaces in Squeak

24 December, 2008


Chris Muller has released a thoroughly updated and documented version of his user interface framework Maui. Chris has described Maui as a “naked objects” Morphic-based UI builder that allows rapid UI creation based on object-message composition.

Maui includes a number of light satellite frameworks that supply various application services like documents, object-search, background process management with progress monitoring. It also provides a number of tools which allow applications to be synthesized quickly, without the need to write any user-interface code.

Chris has written a fifty page document describing Maui and giving examples of how to use it to build user interfaces for complex applications. In this document he also discusses future work for Maui, including the tantalising possibility of extending it to support the development of web applications.

2 Responses to “Building user interfaces in Squeak”

  1. This tool is somethink I was lookong for. Congrats to Chris Muller for such an effort and design.

    When I started loohing at the “GUI Development Tools” category in SqueakMap, I was frustrated with broken links and lack of safe ways to load and build. Maiu was not the exeption, fortunaltely someone posted a message into Nabiie and I got loaded two patches to Monticello that helped load Maiu without issues. I can share a 22mb zip file with a v39 image with preloaded Maui. Just let me know where you may want that file shipped.

  2. jessica Says:

    I got my image broken after loasing this package…
    why maui is nor released as seaside is?

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