The Squeak Oversight Board is now blogging

21 April, 2009

As a result of ongoing discussions with the Software Freedom Conservancy, the Squeak Leadership team have now adopted the formal name of the “Squeak Oversight Board”. The members of the new team have made clear and open communications one of their priorities, and to that end, have started up a new blog at, where they will be publishing agendas and minutes of their monthly meetings.

In keeping with their mission statement of “Communicating with the Squeak and greater Dynamic Languages Community”, the board will also be using the blog to encourage discussion about the direction and priorities of the Squeak community.

And yes, the board members are fully aware of the double meaning of “oversight”.

One Response to “The Squeak Oversight Board is now blogging”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Why not posting Twitter when a new The Weekly Squeak issue is published?

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