ESUG accepted for Google Summer of Code

20 March, 2010

Mariano Martinez Peck has announced that “We are incredibly proud to announce that ESUG was selected for the GSoC 2010.”

Mariano and his colleagues put a lot of time and effort into preparing a joint entry via ESUG for all Smalltalk-related projects, and pulled together a long list of wonderful projects, mentors and a cool website.

Although Google are still to confirm the exact number of projects that will be funded, Mariano would like to thank all the people who help them publishing project ideas, giving feedback on the submit text or the English. They will contact all the mentors again very soon to let you know the following steps.Maybe you are not aware of what our selection to this year GSoC really means for the Smalltalk community. And I wasn’t aware completely until few hours. Just to give you an example, even such big organizations like Ruby or PHP where not selected. From this viewpoint  you can see what we have achieved.

Mariano makes a very clear case for the importance of this successful application:

“Some people said and still says that Smalltalk is old and that it is dead. Ok, we have been selected by the major Informatics and Software company all over the world.

“The point is that ESUG and the Smalltalk community was selected because of the seriousness mixed with passion of all the application, project and ideas. We have an incredible high quality list of ideas and mentors.

“We have a unique opportunity to show the rest of the world why we love Smalltalk, why it is much better than other alternatives, etc. So, we invite all of you to make this happens.”

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