SqueakSource 3 beta available

28 April, 2011

Soon to be replaced?

Although we all work with SqueakSource every day, it has been in need of some care and attention for some time now. Fortunately, Tobias Pape and colleagues have been working on a total re-work of the SqueakSource code, and have now announced the availability of their first beta of SqueakSource3, named “Easter Fire”.

SqueakSource3 is a port of the original SqueakSource to Seaside 3 and Magritte 2. It is based on the original SqueakSource by Lukas Renggli, Adrian Lienhard, and Avi Bryant.

The developers’ plan for SqueakSource3 is:
• Have it running on GemStone, esp. GemStone 3 beta
• Provide a cleaner external API (may be REST or XMLRPC)
• Provide a more clear modularization and extension api
• Stability
• You name it! Suggestions are welcome.

SqueakSource3 is expected to run on GemStone/GLASS as well as on squeakish Smalltalks, ie, Pharo and Squeak. This beta has been tested on GemStone 2.4.4.x/GLASS 1.0-beta.8 and Squeak4.2 both with Seaside 3.0.4. Pharo tests are pending.

SqueakSource3 incorporates work done in several SqueakSource forks such as access to diffs in a browser as done by Bert Freudenberg for source.squeak.org and a basic issue tracker contributed by Dale Henrichs. Other key contributors to the project include Philippe Marschal, Dale Henrichs, and Gerhard Obermann have contributed much to SqueakSource3.

See the release announcement for more information, and for instructions on how to install the new code

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