New Squeak Oversight Board elected

24 April, 2012

The leadership team for 20 April 2012 to – 20 April 2013 (approximately) has been announced after the regular voting period. The order reflects the ranking from the election using default Condorcet completion rules (Beatpath/Schulze/CSSD). As usual, the rules actually give the same top 7 choices in the same order. The is year’s Squeak Oversight Board is composed of:

1. Bert Freudenberg
2. Craig Latta
3. Colin Putney
4. Chris Muller
5. Randal Schwartz
6. Levente Uzonyi
7. Chris Cunnington

One Response to “New Squeak Oversight Board elected”

  1. Larry Trutter Says:

    Congratulations to the new and continuing board members!

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