9th Innovation Technology Awards

2 September, 2012


I used to read a magazine called Dragon. The winner of the 1981 AD&D International Dungeon Design Contest was Howard de Wiet. Turns out he went into the family business of manufacturing sausage casings at DeWiet International. Cherniak Software has a Smalltalk product for the HVAC industry (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). These are two different technical domains that entrepreneurs have built businesses around.

The 9th Innovation Technology Awards announced its winners this week. There were fourteen entries. Seven were tools for image visualization or/and metrics gathering: Nautilus; Object-Centric Debugging; Presently; Roassal; SourceCity; Test Surgeon; and, JET Tools. Ostensibly, Pharo is for business. But what is its domain? Not sausage casings. Or HVAC. The domain of Pharo appears to be Pharo. Half of the contestants created a mirror for Pharo to see itself better reflected.

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