Last Week For Board Nominations

19 January, 2013

Hi All,

This is a reminder that it's that time again!  Please announce yourself as a
candidate before Monday 28th of January 3PM (20.00 UTC) if you plan to run
for the Squeak Oversight Board.  It is a good idea to do that soon so that
you will be able to answer questions from the community.

Please consider running yourself or reach out to community members you think
would be good to have on the board.

You can follow the election progress here:

If you are a part of the community and have not voted in the past please let
me know.

If you were invited to vote last year you are already on the list, no
worries! If you are a new Squeaker and wish vote do ONE of the following:

* Get a "known" Squeaker to vouch for you. If a known Squeaker sends an
email to me (voters at giving me name and email for you - then I
will add you.

* Send an email to me (voters at presenting yourself with
information/arguments showing me that you are indeed serious about voting
and that you are indeed a Squeaker. And no, I don't have any hints on what
you should write! :) Unless you totally screw that up, you will probably be
added. And no, don't send me a 10 page essay ;)

When the voting period starts all voters will receive an email with
instructions and a link to the voting website.

Also don't forget once the election starts PLEASE VOTE!

All the best,

Ron Teitelbaum


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