Scratch for Arduino (S4A)

25 October, 2013

What happens when you mix Scratch


with Arduino


Answer: You get



“S4A is a forked version of Scratch proper. The sprites and animating tools are still there, but there are also digital/analog I/O blocks, motor controls, and streaming updates from the analog inputs.

S4A differs quite a bit from ArduBlock. It uses a firmata-type of protocol to interface between actual executed code and the Scratch program you’ve drawn up. There are pros and cons there: Written code takes effect instantly, but you’re always tethered to the USB port. For any kids who are already better Scratch creators than I’d ever be (which is a lot, judging by what we’re seeing on the tour), S4A is a perfect sidestep over into the physical world.”

See details here:

From more on S4A see:


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