Squeak needs you!

23 January, 2014



It’s time to encourage our best community members to step up and serve.  Put your name in the race and get elected to the Squeak Oversight Board.  Talk to people – you know who they are – that really should run.

From Tim:

Being on the board is not an onerous job. It does not require exotic technical skills. What it does need is an interest in caring for how the Squeak world keeps going, some time to take part in discussions and occasional debates about what ought to be done with the organisation, and a large cellar of excellent vintages to share when the expansive travel budget provides for a meeting to be held in your chateau. Some of the aforementioned might be exaggeration.

Many of the regulars at posting here [squeak-dev] could be excellent board-members. Please, take a moment to consider running.

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