Check out the New Squeak Website

29 June, 2015


A lot of work has gone into the new website.  Go check it out!

Nice work to everyone that worked on it, it’s beautiful and well organized!

[announcement on Squeak-dev]

Dear Smalltalkers

I am pleased to announce new look of the Squeak Website

Personally, I want to thank Fabio Niephaus, who invested a lot of effort into the new site.

Best regards

-Tobias Pape

One Response to “Check out the New Squeak Website”

  1. David Urquhart Says:

    I’m coming back to Squeak after a long absence. The new website is really clear and attractive. Congratulations all.
    One of the reasons I have come back to Squeak is the community of people that I admire and the lack of corporate speak. The website and the effort that has been put in suggests the community is stronger than ever.

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