Aida 6.6 runs on newest Squeak 5

5 February, 2016


Janko writes:

Dear all,

Squeak 5 together with a shiny new website was released
this summer so it was a time to prepare Aida for this release as well. On you can find a link to All-in-One package to
run Aida 6.6 on latest Squeak 5 for Linux, Mac and Win.

Thanks to Tobias Pape for help and Robert Hirschfeld for inspiration!

Best regards

2 Responses to “Aida 6.6 runs on newest Squeak 5”

  1. […] Aida 6.6 est maintenant aussi disponible pour Squeak 5! L’annonce ici. […]

  2. mhneifer Says:

    Reblogged this on F7L8C9.

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