Squeak in Action

12 May, 2016

squeak in action

Chris Muller posted:

The mission-control app I’ve been working on this year appeared in a special episode of CBBC Newsround yesterday!


The segment about Reserve Protection Agency with several screenshots of the app begins at time index 9:40 and runs until 12:25.  I recommend watching the entire episode, though, it’s a worthwhile message.

No one will know it is powered by Squeak but that’s okay, the important message is the one about the danger faced by rhinos as a species.

One Response to “Squeak in Action”

  1. Mark Miller Says:

    The application reminds me of a Windows/MFC product I interviewed to work on many years ago. It was a piece of software sold to municipalities that would take the location of a 911 call and figure out which available emergency vehicles to dispatch to the incident; which could reach the incident most quickly, with knowledge of rights of way, speed limits, and traffic patterns.

    As I contemplated the rhino situation, I couldn’t help but wonder if applying economic principles to the problem would help save the species. However, that requires a notion of political reform, for which the local society may not be prepared.

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