MacWorld magazine is running a series of reviews of their favourite free and low-cost applications for the Mac, and one of their picks is Plopp, a painting tool from Impara for easily creating cartoon-like 3D scenes. Although their review doesn’t mention this (did they even know it?), Plopp was developed and runs totally in Squeak!, which of course means that it’s also available on Windows and (for free!) on Linux.

Plopp seems to be getting a lot of attention at the moment, perhaps because you can also use it to create models for use in Second Life, so congratulations to all at Impara for the recognition their work is getting!


29 May, 2007


By Daniel Lanovaz

I’m ready! Sophie, Croquet, Seaside, Scratch, Plopp, OLPC … The Era of Squeak and Smalltalk is upon us!


Previously we spoke with Michael Rueger and Steve Hunter. From Michael we found out about the perspective of writing and supporting open source software. From Steve we found out what it is like being a consumer of open source software. Today we talk with Bert Freudenberg. From Bert we hope to learn what it is like being a Smalltalk programmer contributing to open source.

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Grit Schuster writes:

Plopp, the cool 3D painting tool is now ready for downloading at!
Plopp is the first painting tool for kids where you can paint 3D objects very easily! Just paint in 2D and Plopp will transform your paintings into 3D objects! Friendly and helpful Plipp will assist you. If you can do without help (and Plipp), try one of the versions for “professionals”. There are a number of different themes available, each coming with extra templates. Current available themes are Classic, Space, On the Farm, Horse-Riding, Wild West, Knight Castle and Aqua for grown-ups.

All Plopp versions are available for Windows 98,2000, and XP (Vista coming soon), Mac OS X 10.2 and greater. Without a serial number the Windows and Mac versions of Plopp run in demo mode so you can give painting with Plopp a try. With one purchased serial number you can run as many themes as you like as full version!

Plopp Classic is also available for Ubuntu Linux for free! Try it! (And send me comments, please.)

Check out the tutorial videos, the wiideos, and
cool Plopp paintings!