Plopp, The Cool 3D Painting Tool is now available for download

28 March, 2007

Grit Schuster writes:

Plopp, the cool 3D painting tool is now ready for downloading at!
Plopp is the first painting tool for kids where you can paint 3D objects very easily! Just paint in 2D and Plopp will transform your paintings into 3D objects! Friendly and helpful Plipp will assist you. If you can do without help (and Plipp), try one of the versions for “professionals”. There are a number of different themes available, each coming with extra templates. Current available themes are Classic, Space, On the Farm, Horse-Riding, Wild West, Knight Castle and Aqua for grown-ups.

All Plopp versions are available for Windows 98,2000, and XP (Vista coming soon), Mac OS X 10.2 and greater. Without a serial number the Windows and Mac versions of Plopp run in demo mode so you can give painting with Plopp a try. With one purchased serial number you can run as many themes as you like as full version!

Plopp Classic is also available for Ubuntu Linux for free! Try it! (And send me comments, please.)

Check out the tutorial videos, the wiideos, and
cool Plopp paintings!

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