Randal Schwartz is very keen that there should be one community-supported site for collating and finding Smalltalk-related job postings. He says:

It’s been very helpful to the Perl community to get one place for all serious Perl jobs: jobs.perl.org. Because then all the smart people look there, and all the clueful employers post there, and it’s also free. And the stats at http://jobs.perl.org/about/stats show that Perl is far from dead.

I’m trying to do the same thing for Smalltalk. Please support me in that. Don’t point at other places.  Get them to post at http://smalltalkjobs.dabbledb.com.  It will be good for all of us overall. Truly.

The DabbleDB interface has many RSS feeds for particular areas, and can be pulled out and searched in detail.  It’s also all in Smalltalk, which is a good demo.

Ken Causey has already set up jobs.squeak.org to redirect to http://smalltalkjobs.dabbledb.com, so it look like Randal’s hopes will be fulfilled.

Smalltalk See The World 2

Smalltalk positions around the world! Interested in a Smalltalk Job? Ready to see the world? Check out Noury Bouraqadi’s Smalltalk Jobs and Internship page.

Dr. Bouraqadi just posted 3 new Jobs in Paris France, for French Speakers.

Qwaq is Hiring!

16 January, 2008


We reported earlier that Qwaq received funding, well today Qwaq announced that it is hiring. They are looking for a Software Quality Engineer and a Senior Unix System Administrator. Qwaq builds secure 3d virtual worlds for business collaboration that is written in Squeak and Croquet. It is very exciting to watch this company grow. We will be watching.

Objects in the mirror

As we previously mentioned Vassili Bykov recently left VisualWorks to join Eliot Miranda and Gilad Bracha at Cadence. Vassili was “the tools guy” at VisualWorks and contributed a huge amount to the current Smalltalk platform, from core frameworks such as Announcements to new or updated tools such as Trippy, a much enhanced inspector, and Parcel Browser–a wonderful tool for finding and browsing contributed packages. He also did much work on improving the appearance of the VisualWorks UI.

Previously Vassili worked for The Object People as an instructor and as a TOPLink developer. TOPLink is an object/RDBMS mapping software that significantly simplifies object persistence. It is similar to Glorp which is an Open Source project written by some of the same people.

I spoke with Vassili about Smalltalk. Read the rest of this entry »

Taking the Beat of Cadence

29 January, 2007


Gilad Bracha is a legend in Object Oriented Programming. He is the Co-Author of the Java Language Specification and one of the major contributors to Strongtalk which has just been released by Sun under an Open Source License.

Gilad is forming a team at Cadence and is raising eye brows with his latest hires. Eliot Miranda and Vassili Bykov recently left Cincom to join Gilad at Cadence . Eliot is well-known known as a Master of Smalltalk Development. Vassili Bykov was the lead tool builder of VisualWorks. We can’t help wondering about the team of Gilad, Eliot, and Vassili. I spoke with Gilad about Cadence, Smalltalk, and Open Source. Read the rest of this entry »

This is a job post from Squeak-Dev

I’m looking for a software developer for a full time job in Groot-Bijgaarden (Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium). You need to live in Belgium if you want to apply for this job.

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External Storage

Avi Bryant has asked for help with Image Segments. He is offering to compensate anyone that can help to move some image segments to a file instead of increasing the size of the image itself. Please contact Avi if you would like to help with this latest community bounty project.

Job in San Jose, California

26 October, 2006

Cadence Design Systems, the leader in Electronic Design Automation, is seeking outstanding software engineers for a novel technology project at its San Jose, California campus.

We are seeking developers with the following qualifications: Object Oriented design and modeling Advanced degree in Computer Science Working experience with Smalltalk/Squeak desirable Exposure to formal methods Exposure to system design languages (UML, Mathlab/Simulink, System- C, Esterel), and system design flows an advantage Ability to work in a fast paced industrial environment Current US work permit.

Interested parties should contact Gilad Bracha (Gilad@Cadence.com).