Smalltalk developer in Belgium

18 January, 2007

This is a job post from Squeak-Dev

I’m looking for a software developer for a full time job in Groot-Bijgaarden (Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium). You need to live in Belgium if you want to apply for this job.

Prior experience in Smalltalk isn’t necessary but it is a plus. A training of Smalltalk, XP programming and an introduction to the television world will be given by the company when you start.

You can read the full job description at

(Note: job description is in Dutch)

Kind regards,

Nick Snels
IT and telecommunication jobs

3 Responses to “Smalltalk developer in Belgium”

  1. Janko Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I live in Slovenia, Ljubljana, Presernova 9,
    SI 1101.

    Some time ago, I founded non-profit, as I sought gov.
    donation for realization & complete proof about what
    I had published 1999. Say It would be great if shown
    as AI genome. However, as I am doing everything alone,
    on various implementations, without database I seek
    some kind of JV partnership.

    If is a revarding job offer, etc., I am willing to relocate.

    Have 20 years experience in Smalltalk.

    Best Regards&Sincerely Yours!

    Janko Korelc

  2. Hi Janko,

    Please send an email response directly to Nick Snels [] for more information about this job.

    Thank you.

  3. Janko Korelc Says:

    Still interested, we are EU.
    Sincerely Yours!
    Janko Korelc

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