Squeak Turns 20!

31 October, 2016

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Craig Latta writes:

Hi all–

Happy 20th birthday to us! It was twenty years ago that Dan Ingalls and the rest of Alan Kay’s team announced Squeak to the world. You really changed things with this run at the fence. ūüôā¬† Thanks again!



Back to the Future

The Story of Squeak, A Practical Smalltalk Written in Itself


Dan Ingalls Ted Kaehler John Maloney Scott Wallace Alan Kay




Scratch on CHIP

The wildly popular C.H.I.P. comes pre-loaded with Scratch!

Nice play C.H.I.P.!

Squeak 4.5 Released!

21 March, 2014


From Chris Muller:

So!  Let it be known!  Squeak 4.5 is released!

Home page is here:  http://www.squeak.org

4.5 release notes are here:  http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6193

Excellent Job Everyone!!  Can you tell we are excited!

Bert VM Icon(icon by Bert)

Word has it that Clément Béra is working With Eliot Miranda on Cog.  Göran pointed out Clements excellent blog: here, to me a few weeks ago after meeting him at ESUG.

From Eliot: Clément Béra is, amongst other things, working on Cog performance, looking at adaptive optimization/speculative inlining (Sista in Cog, for Speculative Inlining Smalltalk Architecture).

I just wanted to welcome¬†Cl√©ment¬†B√©ra and to say thank you to everyone working on the VM for both communities, you know who you are (and we do to) and especially Eliot for working on Cog and keeping the advancements coming! ¬†Hip Hip … and all that.

Kay SketckPad Ivan Sutherland


Alan Kay Meeting the Next Generation.  See the talk here: http://www.heidelberg-laureate-forum.org/blog/video/lecture-friday-september-27-alan-kay/



Etoys, children, a funny hat and a handmade Smalltalk balloon.  What more could you ask for!  Looks like a great day for everyone.

Read more about it here: http://squeaklandnews.blogspot.de/

Sad news. ¬†Most of the Smalltalk community knows all about Doug through stories shared by Alan. ¬†Some of you have been lucky enough to have met him. ¬†Much of what we know about computers was invented by some really terrific minds. ¬†Today we lost one of the best. ¬†It is amazing how far technology has progressed in such a short time. ¬†We are lucky to live in a time that still has so many of the great inventors still alive. ¬†It’s an amazing time to be standing the the shoulders of giants. ¬†Alan Kay reminds us that all of the present is not made up of all of the past. ¬†Only part of what was done back then survived and is in use today. ¬†Some of our history is better than our present. ¬†We should all take a moment and remember that past.

I couldn’t help but notice that Doug has three controls. ¬†The Mouse the keyboard and what? ¬†A function menu? ¬†A view selector? Just what is that left hand doing? ¬†I know I’ve tried to explain ctrl-c to people and even today many people have no idea that keyboard shortcuts exist. ¬†Just a thought.