Seaside Builder preview

HernĂ¡n Morales and his colleagues have been working for a while on an interface builder tool to generate Seaside components (pages) dynamically, and they have just released a video showing their work so far. The ideas are based on a visual programming tool for Windows called WindowBuilder Pro.

The tool, called Seaside Builder, has support for most common web controls (TextField, Panel, RadioButton, TextArea, Label, Button, Anchor, CheckBoxGroup, RadioButtonGroup, ListBox, FieldSet).

See the video (19 MB) at:

(Image from Torsten Bergmann’s blog)

reserve travel on

Ramon Leon just announced on the Seaside mailing list that has just launched a new hotel-booking widget that gives access to a site developed by reserve travel using Seaside.

Searching for a city, eg, shows the widget directly beside the city name. Doing a search in this widget launches the Seaside-based affiliate booking engine.

Congratulations to the team at reserve travel for this high-profile exposure for their great work!

Seaside Sign Small

From Michael Lucas-Smith:

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that Industry Misinterpretations, our Smalltalk podcast, has three podcasts specifically about Seaside coming out over the next week.

Podcast #1: Myself, James Robertson, Tamara Kogan, Martin Kobetic, Arden Thomas

Podcast #2: Myself, James Robertson, Michel Bany, Alan Knight, Arden Thomas

Podcast #3: Myself, James Robertson, The entire Gemstone GLASS team

The podcasts will be appearing here:
You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes (just search for smalltalk) or with:
They’ll also be announced on James’s blog:


Ramon Leon’s blog, always a great resource for tips on Squeak and Seaside, has a nice post on how to build a simple file-based wiki using Seaside built with only one class and 98 lines of code. It’s intended as a learning tool, so it doesn’t make use of other useful resources such as Magritte or Magma (or even Ramon’s own version of ActiveRecord for Smalltalk). Indeed, if you’re interested in building a production-strength wiki, then as Ramon points out, you should investigate Lukas Renggli’s work on Pier.

New Seaside Paper

18 September, 2007

Seaside Article
See IEEE Software
September/October: Dynamically Typed Languages

For a very nice article about Seaside.

Yabba Dabble Do!

8 August, 2007

Dynamic Languages 2

Smallthought Systems, the authors of the Seaside-based online spreadsheet app Dabble dB, have a brand new application for the Facebook crowd: Dabble Do (no relation to Fred Flintstone, but “Yabba Dabble Do!” could be their tagline!)

ToDo Lists are aplenty, but this one has a couple of neat features. Instead of a calendar popping up, the user can simply write: “tomorrow” or “next Wednesday” (although I did find a bug when entering “next wednesday”. The icon displayed “this week” instead of “next week”.) Another interesting feature is assigning events for your friends. You simply type your friend’s name, assign a task to him and press “Do it!”. I don’t know how this will pan out, but it will be interesting to track how friends bang on each other. It could prove to be a fun way for friends to communicate with one another.

If you’re a Facebook user, it’s worth checking out!

More about Dabble Do:

New Seaside website

15 July, 2007

Phlippe Marshall wrote to the Seaside mailing list:

After too many delays the new Seaside homepage has finally gone online. Since we switched hosts it might take a moment until the DNS update propagates to you. The first thing you’ll notice is the updated look for which we no longer have to excuse. We cleaned up the content and added a lot of new stuff. Among others you’ll find interactive examples, feed aggregation Monticello commit logs and the answers to often asked questions like ‘What is the best Swiss cheese?’. Under the hood we made a lot of technology upgrades. We finally run on Seaside (2.8) and the Pier CMS with several plug-ins, we are also hosted at Seaside-Hosting. The only way to eat more dog food would be running on SqueakNOS.

The page is not yet fully finished (and probably never will be) but we feel we’re at the point where it’s significantly better than the old one. So if you have suggestions for improvements or want to help get in contact with us.


Cincom recently reiterated their support for Seaside. Not long ago Gemstone announced something similar. What will these two commercial companies lend to Seaside?

It is certainly true that Seaside will benefit from additional resources. Resources devoted to documentation, compatibility, and testing will help the community. Working on new solutions for persistence is a great idea, and having different options to solve your persistence requirements can only help developers. Read the rest of this entry »


29 May, 2007


By Daniel Lanovaz

I’m ready! Sophie, Croquet, Seaside, Scratch, Plopp, OLPC … The Era of Squeak and Smalltalk is upon us!

Smalltalk Solutions is this weekend! There will be a number of talks on Seaside. Check out the presentation listing in DabbleDB (which is written using Seaside). Gemstone will be talking about their work porting Seaside and Monticello to Gemstone and are announcing a free version of Gemstone.

Carl Gundel announced a Seaside Birds of Feather Session Wednesday May 2nd from 5 to 7pm.

Don’t miss Boris Popov’s Seaside Experience Report. Boris and DeepCove Labs have done some really excellent work! Check it out.

Don’t Miss Bert Freudenberg’s Keynote presentation about OLPC! The One Laptop Per Child initiative is a wonderful way for all smalltalkers to get involved and contribute to something that is really worthwhile!