ESUG 2006 Research Track

4 September, 2006

During monday afternoon, the congress hall has hosted the research track of the conference. In this tracks there were many presentations involving the Smalltalk language and the state of the art of the research around it.

The presentations were:

  • Application-Specific Models and Pointcuts using a Logic Meta Language, presented by Andy Kellens
  • Unanticipated Partial Behavioral Reflection, presented by Marcus Denker
  • Stateful Traits, presented by Stephane Ducasse
  • SCL: a Simple, Uniform and Operational Language for Component-Oriented Programming in Smalltalk, presented by Luc Fabresse
  • Let’s Modularize the Data Model Specifications of the ObjectLens in VisualWorks Smalltalk, presented by Michael Prasse
  • Meta-driven Browsers, presented by Alexandre Bergel

Here you may find the papers which were discussed.

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