Marcus Denker and Stephane Ducasse – News from Squeak

6 September, 2006

The last talk for Wednesday’s morning session was delivered by Marcus and Stef, releasers of Squeak 3.9, and it was a quick recap on what happened in the world of Squeak in the last year. Here are the main points:

  • The new SqueakFoundation is now working. It has 7 board members, and its role is to promote Squeak and coordinate the various Squeak communities
  • The new Squeak Website is now managed by the community (the Squeak Webteam)
  • The Team system is fully operational. Everything in the Squeak community is managed by Teams (3.9 development, Webteam, Tools etc.). Each team delivers a monthly report on its activities.
  • Squeak 1.1 is now the open-source certificed APSL 2.0 license

The new Squeak version 3.9 has reached Gamma stage and will soon be available as a stable release. Its main features:

  • Pragmas
  • Merged back 3.8 Squeakland & Smallland changes
  • A new default look
  • lots of fixes
  • ToolBuilder (UI abstraction)
  • Services framework
  • Changes in event notifications mechanism
  • Lots of new tests
  • New AST
  • Closure compiler
  • Monticello version management
  • SqueakSource
  • the Omnibrowser framework and related tools
  • SqueakMap
  • Shout, eCompletion
  • Refactoring browser now integrated
  • new SUnit browser.
  • Christo: a code coverage browser

There are also a lots of projects going on which are related to Squeak. Stef did a brief presentation of each:

  • Tweak
  • Sophie
  • Croquet
  • Spoon
  • Seaside
  • Exupery, Chronos, Pier, Magma

Marcus and Stef also proposed some lines of action for the next 3.10 release
Lots of talks, few actions

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