Recent Squeak packages releases

26 September, 2006

In the past days, some developers have released new versions of their packages:

  • Ruben Bakker has recently released version 3.0 of eCompletion, the autocompletion package for Squeak.
  • Milan Zimmerman, Edgar J De Cleene and Serge Stinckwich have announced the first version for Squeak 3.9 of MathMorphsRevival, a project to collect MathMorphs and related projects and make them run in Squeak 3.9.
  • Damien Cassou has released version 36 of his Dynamic Protocols package. A dynamic protocol is a category (displayed in the 3rd pane of your browser) whose content is computed dynamically based on the currently
    selected class.
  • Damien also released version 27 of the Squeak-dev image, a custom 3.9 image that comes with many developer tools already installed.
  • Stephane Rollandin announced LispKit v4, a kit for building custom Lisp interpreters. This release features an usable implementation of Scheme, almost fully R4RS compliant.

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