Squeak Foundation Board meeting notes – September 20th, 2006

28 September, 2006

Craig Latta posted to the Squeak-dev mailing list the notes for the Squeak Foundation Board meeting which occurred on September 20th. The Squeak Foundation Board meets twice a month via IM on the first and third wednesday, and Craig has been appointed to speak for the board.

During the last meeting the following topics were discussed:

  1. Stephane Ducasse’s resignment from the board: the board, after having sought the counsel of the Election team, decided to leave Stephane’s place vacant until the next elections (which will on February 2007)
  2. Open sourcing of Squeak: now that Apple has re-released version 1.1 of Squeak under the
    APSL 2.0 License, work is underway to change the license for all the others Squeak releases. In order to do so, all the contributors in the past ten years have to be contacted. The board decide to start working on this task by compiling a list of all the contributors, taken from the authors’ initials.

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