Upcoming Smalltalk Events – Europe

7 October, 2006

Here’s a list of the upcoming Smalltalk Events in Europe. Please follow the links for more information.

UK Smalltalk meeting
Friday 20th October – 5.30pm
JPMorgan offices, London

Camp Smalltalk
Saturday 21st October – 11am
JPMorgan offices, London

Bern Smalltalk Party
Saturday 28th October – 9:30am
Software Composition Group, Bern

Paris Smalltalk Party
Saturday 25th November – from 9am to 6pm
INJS Paris.

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  1. […] Klaus D. Witzel sent us a report on last Saturday’s Smalltalk Party in Bern, that we are happy to publish. Thanks, Klaus! Last Saturday two dozen Smalltalkers enjoyed a very successfull Smalltalk Party in Bern. We received presentations and life demos in VW, Dolphin and Squeak, from authors and users of […]

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