Removing EToys?

26 October, 2006

There has been an interesting debate about removing EToys from the main squeak image. The debate is around the fact that Squeakland appears to be a permanent fork and if the community wants to decouple Etoys from Morphic there may be more of an opportunity to improve Morphic. Not everyone agrees with this path and its implications read more here.

One Response to “Removing EToys?”

  1. […] I first heard about this through The Weekly Squeak blog. There’s been quite a debate going on in the squeak-dev mailing list about what to do with eToys. It’s been a part of the main Squeak distribution for a long time, and is in the version of Squeak you can get from, and at By my own reading of the debate it started with someone suggesting that eToys be removed from the future 3.10 release of Squeak on ( has an earlier release of Squeak and is not directly affected by this discussion). I was strongly opposed to this idea, for reasons that I’ve expressed in earlier posts, and I expressed my opposition. I learned later that eToys has been a boondoggle in Squeak for a while, and the Squeak development community has struggled with what to do with it. On the one hand there are developers who see no value in eToys and would just assume remove it. There are users/developers who use eToys and want it left in. There was also the concern that removing eToys would create confusion with new users who have seen the online Squeak demos which use eToys, and will expect it to be in Squeak when they download it from I agreed with this concern. […]

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