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Göran Krampe has begun the process for this year’s elections for the Squeak Oversight Board.
The Squeak Oversight Board (SOB) consists of seven members from our community, all of whom are elected by popular vote. The members are responsible for

  • building a legal presence – currently by working with the Software Freedom Law Center as part of their Conservancy;
  • providing the network services that support the various mailing lists and repositories that in turn make a community possible;
  • helping coordinate the various interest groups and projects being pursued by Squeakers;
  • making decisions where there is no clear community consensus.

The current board members are:

  • Jecel Assumpcao Jr
  • Ken Causey
  • Bert Freudenberg
  • Craig Latta
  • Andreas Raab
  • Randal Schwartz
  • Igor Stasenko


The schedule and process of the Election is as follows:


Candidates should nominate themselves by 3rd March and start their campaign on the squeak-dev mailing list. Or if you nominate someone else, make sure that person really wants to run. Göran will not put anyone on the candidate list until that person makes it known on squeak-dev that he/she does run.

Final candidate list

The list will be closed on 3rd March. The candidates should ideally present themselves on squeak-dev, unless they have already done so, and the community can ask questions.

Online election starts

The voting period starts on 10th March 6PM (18.00 UTC) and is one week long. Ballots are sent out via email.

Online election ends

The voting process will end on 17th March 6PM (18.00 UTC). Results will be announced immediately when the election ends.


If you were invited to vote last year you are already on the voter list, no worries! If you are a new Squeaker and wish vote do ONE of the following:

  • Get a “known” Squeaker to vouch for you. If a known Squeaker sends an email to giving your name and email address then Göran will add you.
  • Send an email to yourself (and CC to squeak-dev if you like) with information/arguments showing that you are indeed serious about voting and that you are indeed a Squeaker.

When the voting period starts all voters will receive an email with instructions and a link to the voting website.

More information

Everything about the election, including schedule above and more, can be tracked here:

The Year of Smalltalk

2 April, 2008

The Year of Smalltalk

Randal L. Schwartz just announced that he will be giving a 3 hour tour of Seaside at OSCON 2008. We are very proud to have Randal on the Squeak Foundation Board. We are looking forward to more of his “Year of Smalltalk“.

[Edit: corrected spelling]

Gaylord Opryland

Hi all Squeakers!

Ok, the Squeak Foundation Board Election 2008 ended 19 minutes ago –
promptly at 18.00 UTC, 8 March.

For this year we had 437 authorized voters of which 178 voted, that is
slightly more than 40% voting – a bit disappointing IMHO since we had
157 voting of 347 last year which gives above 45%.
On the other hand 178 is more than 157, so we had more voters and thus a
growing community, which of course is the most important aspect!

And without further ado I bring you the board for the following year
starting from NOW. The order reflects the ranking from the election:

1. Dan Ingalls
2. Craig Latta
3. Bert Freudenberg
4. Yoshiki Ohshima
5. Tim Rowledge
6. Randal L. Schwartz
7. Igor Stasenko

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Don’t forget to vote!

6 March, 2008

Vote badge Just a quick reminder that you only have until 8th March to register your votes for the candidates for the Squeak Foundation Board 2008.

There are 12 candidates standing for the 7 places and Göran Krampe has posted information on the election process including statements by the candidates.

Voting is open to all Squeakers rated as Apprentice or higher on If you’re eligible to vote, you should have received an email at your registered address.

Squeak Tale

30 June, 2007

Squeak Tale

A history of Squeak that is still being written, the following is a Squeak Tale by Göran Krampe.

Let me tell you a story…

I was around… when King Dan ruled the Land of the Mice, his court the “SqC” was strong and the stream was flowing smoothly. It was a glorious and joyous time and I were there to see sir PWS, sir Comanche and princess Swiki being born as children of Socket. The wizard Morphic was still young and agile at that time…

Things were well, but not everyone were happy in the Land of the Mice – the population grew quickly and only the fortunate ones to enter the castle Image could have their fields fully prosper and not wither and die in the harsh outbacks of the Internet. Read the rest of this entry »

In the past months, various Squeak Teams have sent their reports to the Squeak-dev mailing list.

News team: October 2006.
Webteam: October, November and December 2006.
Box-Admins team: October, November and December 2006.
SETools team: October, November and December 2006.
Documentation team: October, November, December 2006.

The News team also sent a report for January 2007.

In the past months, the Squeak Foundation board has met via IM every fortnight in order to discuss important issues involving the Foundation and involving Squeak development.
Craig Latta has been appointed to speack for the board, and has posted the notes of each meeting:

The next board meeting will tale place on February 7th, 2007.

Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006

20 December, 2006

See Göran Krampe’s Gjallar demo at OOPSLA 2006, Tim’s pointer update, board information and a License update.

Removing EToys?

26 October, 2006

There has been an interesting debate about removing EToys from the main squeak image. The debate is around the fact that Squeakland appears to be a permanent fork and if the community wants to decouple Etoys from Morphic there may be more of an opportunity to improve Morphic. Not everyone agrees with this path and its implications read more here.

Minnow Wiki

26 October, 2006

So what’s going on with Minnow WIKI?

It’s moving? It’s changing? It’s staying the same? See if you can follow the tread.