Bern Smalltalk party writeup

1 November, 2006

Klaus D. Witzel sent us a report on last Saturday’s Smalltalk Party in Bern, that we are happy to publish. Thanks, Klaus!

Last Saturday two dozen Smalltalkers enjoyed a very successfull Smalltalk Party in Bern. We received presentations and life demos in VW, Dolphin and Squeak, from authors and users of

There was plenty of time between the presentations for breakout sessions during which newbies, users and authors happily hacked together and discussed new developments and burning questions.

The party culminated at the Tramdepot Brewery and Restaurant, downtown in Bern, where the Smalltalkers “almost” chilled out and enjoyed a recreating meal and tasteful drinks.

Our deep thanks go to the executive organizer Marcus Denker; to SSUG, sponsor of snacks and drinks; and to SCG, who set up this wonderful meeting and generously provided facilities.

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