15 November, 2006

It’s that time again! Time to pick our SqueakFoundation Leaders. Can you believe a year has gone by already. There have been some significant achievements in the last year. The most notable change is the progress that has been made to change our license. The community has been working hard to identify the authors of Squeak. With the help of Alan Kay talking to Steve Jobs we finally have an open source license to start from. Viewpoints has an OS version and hopefully soon, so will we.

The foundation itself was off to a very rocky start. It appeared to many that the board was not functioning properly. There was very little communication from the board. No indication of what issues were being considered or what progress was being made. Things seemed to change once, what must have been, arguments on the board bubbled over onto Squeak-dev. After that point it appeared that Craig began to organize an agenda, and a report back to the community. This concept which many had suggested and I’m sure was eventually supported by the entire board was a major advancement. I would strongly urge whoever is running the next board to continue with this framework.

As Daniel has pointed out I was disappointed with last years elections. It seems to me that there is a lot that needs to be done to help this community. There were a number of goals set out in the original board that were not addressed either during the election or afterwards. Much of what should be done is still left to do.

What I’d like to propose is that we build up a list of questions that we will submit to every candidate. Those questions and responses will be published on the Weekly Squeak. This way we can infer a policy statement from those that are running.

The other major drawback that I saw from the last election is that the positions taken by the candidates were not supported or rejected by the highly respected members of our community. There was no debate about who should lead, who supports who, and why. For many in this community it would be very beneficial for some leaders to step up and support candidates, foundation goals and positions.

The community in general is polite and nobody wants to support one friend over another friend. That is understandable, but by not taking a stand one way or the other we leave a vacuum. Debate and supporting your candidates is very important to this community. We should have a vigorous but civil debate, for only that level of participation will make this community stronger.

Your comments are welcome, your participation is crucial, the direction of our community is in your hands. Please participate in the discussion and please VOTE!

2 Responses to “VOTE!”

  1. Torsten Says:

    Looks like the links dont work in this post. At least not for me!?

  2. Torsten, thank you for pointing that out. They should be fixed now.

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