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Squeak needs you!

Call for Candidates.

Squeak is looking for candidates for the Squeak Oversight Board.

If you have been on the board before, are a strong member of our community and want to give back, Squeak needs you!

Please announce your candidacy on Squeak-dev.  The time is now!

Election results

12 March, 2009

Göran has announced the election results to the squeak-dev mailing list.

The new members of the leadership team are (in order of votes received):

  1. Andreas Raab
  2. Bert Freudenberg
  3. Craig Latta
  4. Randal L. Schwartz
  5. Ken Causey
  6. Igor Stasenko
  7. Jecel Assumpcao Jr

Detailed results can be found at the election site.

Congratulations to those elected, and commiserations to the other candidates, who were Matthew Fulmer, Edgar J. De Cleene, Brent Pinkney and David Mitchell.

Thanks are due again to Göran for organising another election so effectively.

Don’t forget!

4 March, 2009

You’ve only four more days to cast your votes for the Squeak Leadership Team elections—see previous post for details. If you’ve not received any voting details by now, check that you’re still accessing the account you registered with. If you haven’t registered yet, then it’s too late – but as Göran has said, there’s one of these every year!

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As Göran posted recently, it is time to consider the membership of the Squeak Leadership Team (the “board”) for the coming year.

Nominations are currently open for candidates interested in working with colleagues to maintain and co-ordinate the various interest groups and activities that support the Squeak community.

If you think that you can make a difference to Squeak, put your name forward on the squeak-dev mailing list by 22nd February. All candidates are asked to make themselves available on the list for questions and discussion with the community until the end of February.

Voting begins on 1st March for one week. If you’ve voted in previous elections, your name should already be registered. If not, then contact Göran explaining why you’re interested in voting (see the election page for more details).

The list of candidates, and more details of the process to be followed can be found on the Election 2009 page.

Gaylord Opryland

Hi all Squeakers!

Ok, the Squeak Foundation Board Election 2008 ended 19 minutes ago –
promptly at 18.00 UTC, 8 March.

For this year we had 437 authorized voters of which 178 voted, that is
slightly more than 40% voting – a bit disappointing IMHO since we had
157 voting of 347 last year which gives above 45%.
On the other hand 178 is more than 157, so we had more voters and thus a
growing community, which of course is the most important aspect!

And without further ado I bring you the board for the following year
starting from NOW. The order reflects the ranking from the election:

1. Dan Ingalls
2. Craig Latta
3. Bert Freudenberg
4. Yoshiki Ohshima
5. Tim Rowledge
6. Randal L. Schwartz
7. Igor Stasenko

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Thank you again for voting. Our percentage of votes was higher then last year. We had 182 votes from 392 ballots that were sent out.

The winners are: (in alphabetical order)

Andrew P. Black
Cees de Groot
Stéphane Ducasse
Bert Freudenberg
Craig Latta
Yoshiki Ohshima
Tim Rowledge

You can see more details about the election here:

Thanks again and congratulations to the new Squeak Foundation Board 2007.

Ron Teitelbaum , Daniel Vainsencher & The Squeak Elections Team

Daniel Vainsecher, leader of the Elections team, has announced the timeline and process for the 2007 elections of the Squeak Foundation Board:

Starting today [Sunday, 28th January], and for the next 2 weeks (until 18th February ’07), candidates for the Squeak board are invited to announce themselves on this mailing list.
In particular, when applying, candidates are encouraged to mention their background, general reasons for running, and particular plans if they get elected. Other candidates and all squeakers are invited to pose additional questions.
For 2 weeks starting from the 18th, prospective voters are asked to make sure they are registered. Remember that the basic criterion for voting is having a Squeak People account that is validated at least to the Apprentice level. This is also a good time to talk to other Squeaker communities and get them involved.
The voters list will be finalized on the 3rd of March, and the CIVS election started. The election will run for 3 days, and the results announced on March 7th, 2007.

The News Team will closely follow the whole elections process.


15 November, 2006

It’s that time again! Time to pick our SqueakFoundation Leaders. Can you believe a year has gone by already. There have been some significant achievements in the last year. The most notable change is the progress that has been made to change our license. The community has been working hard to identify the authors of Squeak. With the help of Alan Kay talking to Steve Jobs we finally have an open source license to start from. Viewpoints has an OS version and hopefully soon, so will we.

The foundation itself was off to a very rocky start. It appeared to many that the board was not functioning properly. There was very little communication from the board. No indication of what issues were being considered or what progress was being made. Things seemed to change once, what must have been, arguments on the board bubbled over onto Squeak-dev. After that point it appeared that Craig began to organize an agenda, and a report back to the community. This concept which many had suggested and I’m sure was eventually supported by the entire board was a major advancement. I would strongly urge whoever is running the next board to continue with this framework.

As Daniel has pointed out I was disappointed with last years elections. It seems to me that there is a lot that needs to be done to help this community. There were a number of goals set out in the original board that were not addressed either during the election or afterwards. Much of what should be done is still left to do.

What I’d like to propose is that we build up a list of questions that we will submit to every candidate. Those questions and responses will be published on the Weekly Squeak. This way we can infer a policy statement from those that are running.

The other major drawback that I saw from the last election is that the positions taken by the candidates were not supported or rejected by the highly respected members of our community. There was no debate about who should lead, who supports who, and why. For many in this community it would be very beneficial for some leaders to step up and support candidates, foundation goals and positions.

The community in general is polite and nobody wants to support one friend over another friend. That is understandable, but by not taking a stand one way or the other we leave a vacuum. Debate and supporting your candidates is very important to this community. We should have a vigorous but civil debate, for only that level of participation will make this community stronger.

Your comments are welcome, your participation is crucial, the direction of our community is in your hands. Please participate in the discussion and please VOTE!