Complete Computing System in 20K lines of Code

15 February, 2007


For those of you that couldn’t make it to Ian’s talk here is a video of the presentation.

Links to References:

NSF Grant: Steps Toward The Reinvention of Programming  
An evolving whitepaper about the “combined object-lambda abstractions”
A small paper describing just the object model in detail

Slides:Download the slides for this presentation in PDF format.

Ian Piumarta
Viewpoints Research Institute

11 Responses to “Complete Computing System in 20K lines of Code”

  1. Joe Says:

    Anyway to get something other then WMV format? Like MOV so that people with non-Win plats can view this?

  2. Not that I know of the original link is here and it’s copyrighted by Stanford.

  3. Pupeno Says:

    Mov wouldn’t be for non-Win, but for Mac, for non-Win with would only include other platform something more open/widespread should be used, like MPEG-something…
    But then, why don’t use free software and codecs: Ogg Theora!

  4. Harry Says:

    @ Joe: I thought the mac ads said that PCs were boring and useless with videos…

  5. bipolarworks Says:

    Interesting lecture, but I haven;t a clue what it means …..

  6. Marijn Says:

    Any chance of a video that can actually be downloaded?

  7. @ Marijn

    Maybe this comment will be helpful for you:


  8. […] more languages I dabbled in. There is no one system for all purposes, yet. I have great hopes for Ian Piumarta’s Cola though, it has the potential to allow working in one system from very high level down to the […]

  9. […] watched a speech by Ian Piumarta on his COLAs (Combined Object-Lambda Architectures) computing system. He is working with Alan Kay at Viewpoints Research Institute on the project of building a […]

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