Future Book, the Sophie Revolution

16 February, 2007

Lib of Congress

Sophie is out!! Sophie is open-source Squeak Smalltalk based software for authoring extreemly creative new eBooks. Sophie is licensed under a version of the new BSD license.

What is Sophie?

Sophie is a program for creating digital multimedia books. Sophie will let you make books that are impossible in print, with video and audio tracks, automatic actions, and shared feedback.

The word book can be widely interpreted: your book can resemble a regular book, with text and pictures, or it can be a book comprised completely of videos, or audio clips and images in a slideshow, or all of the above. Sophie books can even include other books, link out to the web, and allow reader interaction.

Sounds great! Get the Sophie Early Release Candidate 1 Now!

Check out these other useful links: http://www.futureofthebook.org/content/Mellon.pdf
The second one is a video that demos Sophie. The demo starts at: 23:32.

The Sophie Team

Sophie is a project of the Institute for the Future of the Book. It relies on the talent and collaboration of people around the world.

  • Germany: Impara, under the leadership of Michael Rueger and Bernd Eckardt
  • US: Nick Matelan, Steve Riggins, Bob Stein, Dan Visel, Jesse Wilbur
  • Canada: John McIntosh, Tim Rowledge
  • Bulgaria: Astea

Principal funding for Sophie is provided by Research in Information Technology Program of the the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Additional support comes from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

2 Responses to “Future Book, the Sophie Revolution”

  1. John M McIntosh Says:

    Release Candidate II ships… Better linux support, better video/graphics, server based book support, lots of bug fixes

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